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Amalgamated Pest Control has grown from just two small family companies back in 1923 into Australias largest privately-owned pest control company.

We officially became Amalgamated Pest Control in 1961, following the amalgamation of both established family pest control companies.



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As of 1st September 2016, Amalgamated Pest Control has united with Australias iconic pest control company Flick Anticimex, formerly known as Flick Pest Control

Our team has over 500 committed individuals working directly in the field and behind the scenes to provide the pest control services you require.



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We're active members of this only recognised national pest control association the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA).



The Main Principles Of Pest24seven Termite & Pest Control Adelaide The Greatest Guide To Lawlor Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

Hindmarsh Termite & Pest Control Adelaide Fundamentals ExplainedThe Only Guide for Hindmarsh Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

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Amalgamated Pest Control has a team of researchers and field officers working closely with government departments including Health, Workplace Health & Safety, Forestry and Primary Industries.

We work closely with equipment and chemical manufacturers in an attempt to improve our pest control solutions, our treatment methods, our equipment, and newer technology in chemicals.

Amalgamated Pest Control is a registered training organisation, and played a leading part in the development and ongoing refinement of the pest management industry competency standards.  These standards are the cornerstone of training and licencing all pest control technicians in Australia.



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To be the option for effective pest management solutions, satisfying the needs of our clients, our workforce and the environment.

We do so by solving your pest management problems in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner.

Amalgamated Pest Control is committed to remaining an industry pioneer, giving you the very finest in the most recent pest control developments available.

Everyone has different needs and we do our very best to match our level of support to your individual needs.



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We can solve your pest problems right now, and provide you advice and solutions about potential pest problems.

Pest Control and Pest Management Services for:Residential, Homes, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Rental, Real Estate, Strata Management, Body Corporate, Hospital, Restaurant, Hospitality, Hotel, Motel, Resort, School, College, Retail, Shop, Kitchen, Bakery, Shopping Centre, Church, Child Care, Townhouse, Apartment, Flat, Unit, Food Service, Factory, HACCP, AQIS, Doctor, Surgery, Health Care, Theater, Casino, Property Management.

Subterranean termites are a highly destructive pest. Roughly 1 in 4 houses in the South-West region are subject to attack. Does your Pest Controller follow the Australian Standards for Termite Control and Termite Protection

In Southcape Pest Management we follow the Australian Standards that takes a pro-active approach by recommending a completely trained and licenced pest controller to perform a Termite Inspection at least every 12 months.



The Main Principles Of Hindmarsh Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

If your house or business is in the Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Augusta or Yallingup areas you can expect Southcape Pest Management to provide you with the knowledge and experience in termite control and termite protection.

Drilling and injecting pavers for termite control or termite protection is permitted by the Australian Standards however we prefer to lift pavers. In Southcape Pest Management we have the best pest control and termite protection! We don't cut corners when it comes to pest control management we get it right the first time. .

On completion of the Termite Treatment we provide you with a Certificate of Termite Treatment and Durable Notice following the Australian Standards. All our Termite Treatments carry a warranty. We'll remind you every 12 months your Termite Inspection is due to take the stress off your shoulders.

Protect your valuable investment today by ensuring the right termite management system is in place together with the team at Southcape Pest Management.



Hindmarsh Termite & Pest Control Adelaide Things To Know Before You Buy

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection and Report AS4349.2 - Our licensed termite inspector will carry out a thorough termite inspection on all timber before you purchase your new home.

Annual Termite Inspection and Report AS3660.2 - Southcape moved here Pest Management can create a termite management program for your home or business

Full and part Termite Treated Zones with a choice of the best Termiticides on the market today. We are licensed installers of Termidor, Altriset and can provide the FMC $1million dollar lumber replacement warranty.

Pre-construction Termite Treatments - We provide a broad range of treatments to suit your budget. Our pest control technicians are accredited installers of Altis Reticulation Systems, Homeguard and Trithor Termite Protection.



Hindmarsh Termite & Pest Control Adelaide Things To Know Before You Buy

1) Well-established, affordable, Australian, family owned and managed company that are competent in every facet of both national and commercial pest treatments. We're not a very big pest control company, however we're a really good one. Our Google customer reviews reflect that.

2) Pest control Sydney company Micropest is unique, all our termite inspection and pest control pros have been in the industry for more than thirty two years. No apprentices, franchises or contractors.

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